Fear: The horror is the decrease of expertise in all respects

Bob Woodward’s book „Fear: Trump in the White House“ shows a decrease of expertise in all respects. I agree with the author writing the following lines:

„Members of his staff had joined to purposefully block some of what they believed were te president’s most dangerous impulses. It was a nervous breakdown of the executive power of the most powerful country in the world.“In addition my opinion: The “Expert-Killer-Syndrome” is spreading through the White House. The President relies on a great number of absolutely loyal experts – but he replaces these experts ongoing. He praises the dismissed consultants as well as the recruited ones in public, and on this occasion gladly welcomes their homages to him. Not long and the President starts eyeing them, and they start spying each other. It seems as if they do not work together but walk around each other – professionally.

Dieter Beck was the first to describe systematically the dynamics of this process which he called the “Expert-Killer-Syndrome”. This syndrome is defined by the decay of a trustworthy relationship among guidance-seekers and consultants. The person seeking advice at first and for a short period idealizes the consultant. The relationship shatters as soon as the consultant does not meet all of their expectations.

So medical experts and hospital directors lose their reputation immediately and entirely. Like with the frustrating contact to “professional patients” who are the horror of all medical doctors, the relationship ends because of their enhanced claims and a variety of discomforts nobody can remedy. The exalted behavior of the guidance-seekers is not the result of individual disease, for as in this case it could probably be cured. Rather it is rooted in an irreparable interpersonal relationship.The consultants are left at a loss, and the guidance-seeker remains in cluelessness, ongoing. There is a consulting-crisis in the White House, anyone can see. However, it might resolve itself due to the decrease of expertise in all respects.Das “Koryphäen-Killer-Syndrom“

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